Grow Lights Australia 250W Gen 2 LED
Grow Lights Australia 250W Gen 2 LED
Grow Lights Australia 250W Gen 2 LED
Grow Lights Australia 250W Gen 2 LED
Grow Lights Australia

Grow Lights Australia 250W Gen 2 LED

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250W = Up to 90cm x 90cm (typically for a 75cm x 60cm tent)
Average light spread = 800+ PPFD
Requires very basic assembly with no wiring required – simply “plug and play”

These new Plug & Play kits feature our next-generation waterproof “Gen2” High Light 420 LED panels.

This 250W kit is perfect for small grows – from veg to bloom – covering an area of up to 90cm x 90cm and will go anywhere a traditional 315W Ceramic Metal Halide bulb is normally hung. It has a better flowering spectrum and is 50% more efficient than the best CMH bulbs.

The new “Gen2” LED panels have a very high colour rendering index (CRI95) that is close to sunlight, while also featuring a new and highly efficient Nichia 405nm UVA diode that doubles the amount of UVA compared to the previous High Light 420. There is also a small increase in Far Red light.

The increased UVA is responsible for higher secondary metabolite production (essential oils), with the extra Far Red reducing flowering times and accelerating growth.

These kits come with genuine Mean Well “AB” type drivers with an external dimmer 

Each 250W Plug & Play Kit comes with

1 x Waterproof High Light 420 “Gen2” LED grow panel (430mm x 205mm) in 3100K or 3500K (see Drop-down Menu)
1 x Anodised aluminium Heatsink (480mm x 206mm)
1 x Mean Well HLG-240-54 AB driver (seven-year warranty) with optional external dimmer (see Drop-down Menu)
1 x 4.5m German LAPP cable with Italian “Techno” quick-release water-proof connectors
1 x Water-proof board connector (Techno cable connector with 18AWG hookup wire and TE “SlimSeal” waterproof SMD board connector)
1 x Stainless mounting U-bolt
12 x M3 mounting screws
2 x High Light Stainless Hangars


3500K is ideal for propagation and leafy greens where early root development and lush foliage are preferred over maximum growth and flower development. The addition of UVA with higher levels of Blue and reduced Far Red thicken leaves and stems while promoting rapid root striking. Far Red light increases leaf size but also makes leaves thinner, which is not always desirable when growing leafy greens. UVA hardens off seedlings indoors before they go outside under the sun. This spectrum can also be used to enhance essential oil production, where the additional Blue light increases stress-induced secondary metabolites (including cannabinoids and terpenes).

* 250W kits provide up to 235W to the boards and draw around 250W from the wall

WEIGHT 4500 g
DIMENSIONS 500 × 210 × 100 mm

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- Australia-wide