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Lion's Mane

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The Brain One

Organically grown and extracted by biotechnologists right here in Australia. Our 100% fruiting body dual-extract provides you with Lion's Mane in it's most bioavailable form. Using spring water and Australian sugarcane spirit, our process ensures a potent and comprehensive blend of both water and alcohol soluble bioactive compounds.

Lion’s Mane is extracted for the unique terpenoids, hericenones and for phenolic acids and other polysaccharides.

Hericenones and erinacines are the compounds that the University of Queensland has been studying for their “brain benefits” showing the ability to “boost nerve growth and enhance memory”. You can read further information on the study here.

Proudly Australian made from 100% Australian ingredients, MYCRO sets the industry standard in functional mushroom products.


Organically Grown in WA 

MYCRO is a commercial mushroom farm. Unlike every other brand:WE grow ALL of our mushrooms right here in Australia.We grow our Lion's Mane, amongst many other species, on sawdust and lupin hulls with some water and fresh air.

100% Fruiting Body 

Just our mushrooms, dual-extracted, no funny business.The mushroom fruiting body is the visible, above-ground part of a fungus, responsible for spore production. It's the edible or medicinal section commonly recognized as a mushroom.

Dual Extracted for Optimal Bio-Availability 

We're a mushroom farm, you could even say we're mycologists! Extraction falls into the realm of biotechnology, something well above our pay-grade.For that reason, our mushrooms are sent to Australia's only specialist mushroom extraction and testing lab: Precision Mycology.As all mushrooms contain different beneficial compounds, we don't have a one size fits all extraction process for our species.Each of our mushrooms is extracted in a different way: changes in parameters, equipment, ratios, etc. allow us to achieve the best result for each species.Best result, or best practice, is determined by scientific research, performed by Precision Mycology's biotechnologists.The extractions involve splitting the batch of mushrooms into two groups: one group is extracted using water (targeting water-soluble compounds) and the other group using Australian sugarcane spirit (targeting alcohol-soluble compounds).The two separate extraction processes result in a more potent and comprehensive product. We keep them separate to minimise the risk of degradation of sensitive compounds, e.g. not damaging water-extracted compounds with a second alcohol extraction.We then add some of the mushroom biomass back into the liquid to make sure you don't miss any goodness. This is the cloudiness you'll see in your extracts and the reason you need to shake well before each use.When the polysaccharides are extracted, they are in long “chains”. The chains can be absorbed into your body, however we’ve found research indicating that by breaking these chains down into smaller pieces your body can absorb them more easily and effectively. To break them down we have put our Lion’s Mane extract through a fermentation process. This fermentation process is what causes the peculiar smell and taste of this product. We have made a conscious decision not to try and mask this flavour and see it as a testament to the effectiveness of our extract.Be warned: this extract is the real-deal, the flavour is not for the faint-hearted and you'll need to add it to a drink.We are constantly testing and refining our extraction process and will update these descriptions as we further improve.For more information on the particular compounds our extraction is targeting, scroll down the page.

100% Australian Ingredients 

  • Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus) Fruiting Body (1000mg per 1ml)
  • Sugarcane spirit
  • Water

That's it. Mushroom, alcohol, water (and a whole-lot-of science).No flavourings, sweetners, no concerns about (imported) heavy-metals etc.We believe in full transparency, there's further product descriptions below and we're always willing to answer any queries you might have.

We've teamed up with Mycro to help their transparent mushroom mission, the mushrooms that are grown & packaged at Mycro's Osborne Park urban farm are now sold around the corner at Plant Playground. Yay! Our small, sustainable, local businesses are one street away from each other, talk about symbiosis. 

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