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The Chill One

Reishi, known as the quintessential “medicinal mushroom,” carries a legacy of wellness dating back in literature to 500 AD! This revered mushroom, celebrated through millennia, is a treasure trove of health benefits, containing over 450 potentially beneficial compounds. Despite the challenge modern science faces in pinpointing the exact sources of Reishi's efficacy, its rich composition of triterpenoids, polysaccharides, steroids, fatty acids, amino acids, nucleosides, proteins, and alkaloids speaks to its unparalleled holistic value.

Our 100% Australian-grown Reishi extract undergoes an extensive dual-extraction process designed to harness a broad spectrum of these active compounds, ensuring a potent and comprehensive blend. True to our meticulous standards, we enrich our extract with additional fruiting body, guaranteeing that no part of its natural goodness is left behind.

Crafted with the utmost care and precision, this extract is a testament to our dedication to offering the highest quality, 100% Australian-made products.

Make sure to read the drop-down sections above and below for more information on our farm, extractions and our mission to provide Australian's with a homegrown alternative to imported mushroom products.


Organically Grown in WA 

MYCRO is a farm. WE grow ALL of our mushrooms right here in Australia.

Reishi, often called Lingzhi, is one of our favourites to grow.


100% Fruiting Body 

Just our mushrooms, dual-extracted, no funny business.


Dual Extracted for Optimal Bio-Availability 

Reishi is the oldest “functional mushroom”. There’s literature about its benefits dating back to the year 500AD. However, modern science is struggling to identify which of the 450 potentially beneficial compounds in Reishi are the ones working the magic.

Reishi contains many active compounds, including triterpenoids, polysaccharides, steroids, fatty acids, amino acids, nucleosides, proteins, and alkaloids.

For this reason, our Reishi extract has gone through a broad dual-extraction to extract as many different compounds as possible.

And as with our other extracts, we add mushroom fruiting body into the extract to make sure nothing is missed.


100% Australian Ingredients 

  • Reishi (Ganoderma sp.) Fruiting Body (1000mg per 1ml)
  • Sugarcane spirit
  • Water
  • That's it. Mushroom, alcohol, water (and a whole-lot-of science).

We believe in full transparency, there's further descriptions below and we're always willing to answer any queries you might have.


We've teamed up with Mycro to help their transparent mushroom mission, the mushrooms that are grown & packaged at Mycro's Osborne Park urban farm are now sold around the corner at Plant Playground. Yay! Our small, sustainable, local businesses are one street away from each other, talk about symbiosis. 

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