charlie charcoal 25L
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charlie charcoal 25L

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Biochar (sometimes known as terra preta or black earth) is a form of charcoal that is created at a very high temperature over an extended period under controlled conditions called pyrolysis. A huge amount of carbon is captured in the process. In soil, Biochar lasts for thousands of years before breaking down. It is highly porous, meaning that it holds onto water and nutrients, and is colonised by microbes. It is a highly stable way of adding organic matter to sandy soils and has long term benefits; reducing fertiliser requirements and leaching.

TIP: Supercharge Biochar by adding liquid nutrients like kelp, fish liquids or worm juice, mix the nutrient liquid with a bucket of water, tip 5 litres of the liquid into a bucket of Biochar and leave for a few hours before applying. Think of Biochar as a sponge with billions of tiny holes to fill, so nutrient charging your Biochar will give you great results in your garden much sooner.

Biochar (Charlie Charcoal) is unusual in that it has a very low pH, so it is highly beneficial in alkaline, coastal sandy soil to lower pH and improve growing conditions for many non-native plants.

Charlie Charcoal is Waterwise endorsed and is Certified Organic.

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