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The Regulator

Organically grown and extracted by biotechnologists right here in Australia. Our 100% fruiting body dual-extract provides you with Maitake in it's most bioavailable form. Using just Maitake mushroom, spring water and Australian sugarcane alcohol, our process ensures a potent and comprehensive blend of both water and alcohol soluble bioactive compounds.

Maitake is extracted for polysaccharides (the beta-glucan grifolan and beta-d-glucans), maitake D-fraction, ergosterol, phenolic compounds (caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid), triterpenoids and lectins.

💪 Research into Maitake mushrooms indicates their potential to boost immune function, support cardiovascular health, and regulate blood sugar levels. [9] [10]

Our extraction process may be comprehensive but our ingredients list is not. With only three ingredients we have gone for absolute purity. Proudly Australian-made with 100% Australian mushrooms, spring water and sugarcane alcohol, our extracts set the standard for quality and transparency in the functional mushroom market.

Please note these extracts are 30% alcohol by volume, for more information about this head to our FAQ.

Make sure to read the drop-down sections above and below for more information on our farms, extractions and our mission to clean up the functional mushroom industry.


Organically Grown in WA 

MYCRO is a farm. WE grow ALL of our mushrooms right here in Australia.


100% Fruiting Body 

Just our mushrooms, dual-extracted, no funny business.


Dual Extracted for Optimal Bio-Availability 

Australia's ONLY biomolecular mushroom extractionist (Dr. Thomson) does the clever stuff:

We don't have a one size fits all extraction process, Dr. Thomson has every piece of equipment at his disposal and the years of experience to do this properly.

Each of our mushrooms is extracted in a different way: changes in parameters, equipment, ratios, etc. allow us to achieve the best result for each species.

The turkey tail extraction involves using both water and sugarcane spirit (that we distill in-house) to extract the widest range of bioactive compounds from the mushrooms.

The two separate extraction processes result in a more potent and comprehensive product. We keep them separate to minimise the risk of degradation of sensitive compounds, ensuring our extracts offer the maximum potency and efficacy.

We then add shiitake fruiting body into the liquid to make sure you don't miss any goodness.

We are constantly testing and refining our extraction process and will include updates with your order.


100% Australian Ingredients

  • Turkey Tail (Trametes veriscolor) Fruiting Body (1000mg per 1ml)
  • Sugarcane spirit
  • Water

That's it. Mushroom, alcohol, water (and a whole-lot-of science).

We believe in full transparency, there's further descriptions below and we're always willing to answer any queries you might have.

Easy to use

Add a full dropper to a glass of water, coffee, smoothie or other drink. Multiple mushrooms can be taken together. If you don't mind the pretty strong taste, squirt directly into your mouth.

Lion's Mane and Turkey Tail are traditionally morning mushrooms.

Reishi traditionally is taken 1 hour before bed.

Shiitake and Maitake, due to their all-round benefits can be taken at any time of day.

One dropper full is a recommended daily serving (dose).

One dropper is 1ml and contains 1000mg of professionally extracted mushrooms.


We've teamed up with Mycro to help their transparent mushroom mission, the mushrooms that are grown & packaged at Mycro's Osborne Park urban farm are now sold around the corner at Plant Playground. Yay! Our small, sustainable, local businesses are one street away from each other, talk about symbiosis. 

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