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Bio Diesel Bio one

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Bio Diesel Bio-One | Beneficial Microbe 

Bio One is an organic microbial solution that contains a blend of beneficial plant and ocean ferments to inoculate your plants root zone with diverse salt tolerant beneficial microbes. It contains a blend of both beneficial aerobic and anerobic microbes including Lacto Bacillus, Bacillus subtilis, streptomyces, and other L.A.B bacterium that produce enzymes including Lactase to speed up nutrient processing, breakdown organic matter and protect your plant from pathogens.

  • Removes Bio Films from degrading roots caused by over watering or high humidity.
  • Acts like a Mammoth P to breakdown phosphorous ready for the roots, and make it available faster.
  • Compatible with all systems including Recirculating and Run to waste Hydroponics, Living Soils and Aquaponics.

How to Use Bio One

Use Bio One at 1ml per Litre of solution from cloning through to ripening.


Bio Diesel Bio One Benefits

  1. Produces highly active enzymes inc. Lactase
  2. Accelerates bio-conversion of organic matter and soil amendments
  3. Protects the plant from stress and nutrient imbalance
  4. Creates a larger healthy root zone
  5. Increases uptake and bio availability of minerals
  6. Protect plants from pathogens & disease


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