Vita Bud

Vita Bud

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VitaBud ignites the final phase of floral production within your crop. During the last two weeks of flowering a crop can often stall and fail to produce to its full potential. The unique patented technology within VitaBud ensures a higher rate of photosynthesis which in turn leads to an increase in sugars. Buds continue to increase in size and density right upto the last week of the flowering cycle for maximum production.

  • Increases chlorophyll content.
  • Enhances utilisation of magnesium.
  • Higher yield and quality.

Steer your crop to maximum potential with VitaBud!

Follow the recommended feeding schedule for soil, coco or hydro. Add VitaBud during the final two weeks of flowering.

Use 1ml per litre alongside the rest of the VitaPonix feeding schedule.

Guaranteed analysis:
Sulphur 3.4%, Magnesium 2%, Manganese 0.5%, Boron 0.3%, Zinc 0.3%, Copper 0.1% + Activators

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